Whether you require translation of a one-sentence email, or a document that is thousands of pages long, Global Language Solution provides the same efficient and straightforward service. We deal with a wide variety of file formats, always delivering well-presented texts, translated to the highest standard.



Website content is most effective when visitors are addressed clearly and persuasively in their own language. You can trust Global Language Solution to convey your message clearly and with exactly the right tone, in all relevant languages. Even frequently updated websites can be fully localized.



We live in a highly visual culture. Video content goes far beyond the world of entertainment. People and organizations increasingly use video to share information and views, to learn and to persuade. Global Language Solution will ensure that your high-quality video productions are not spoilt by low-quality localization.



Engaging a professional communicator to create copy for your website or print documentation is an excellent investment. Our writers have the skills to produce immaculately crafted texts. In many cases, they also have years of relevant experience, enabling them to quickly understand your requirements. The results are polished and 100% convincing.



We Translate All Major Languages

The world is becoming more and more globalized. Organizations and individuals have to be prepared to deal with diverse cultures and language groups. Failure to do so will place you at a serious disadvantage. In most industries and fields of activity, there are potential partners and customers to be found in every corner of the world. Imagine how much more persuasive your message would be if you could communicate with them in their own native language. These days, there are word-class centres of business and culture on all continents. Global Language Solution is your key to accessing them.

Our People Are Native Speakers

Learning a language to a professional standard takes many years of sustained effort. Even so, translators should only be allowed to translate into their native language. This ensures that the results sound totally natural. Native speakers offer more than just linguistic excellence. They are also able to spot ideas that do not translate well from one culture to another. In these circumstances, it is often necessary to suggest an equivalent of the original idea. Global Language Solution insists on using native speakers for all of its projects. It is just one aspect of our uncompromising commitment to quality.


Business Translation

Technical Translation

Legal Translation

Medical Translation

Engineering Translation

Financial Translation

Science & Technology Translation

Oil and Gas Translation

Arts Translation

Sports Translation

There are many reasons why a 21st-century business should seek to partner with a reliable translation provider.

Most obviously, with millions of potential customers in every corner of the globe, you cannot afford to communicate exclusively in your own language.

For larger organizations, there is often a need to communicate with a multilingual workforce.

But have you also considered that your organization is failing to notice competitors and potential collaborators on the other side of the world? With the help of Global Language Solution, your reliable translation partner, you can become a truly global business.

Technical equipment and processes require clear documentation if they are to be accessible and safe.

This is complicated by the fact that, in our globalized world, technical documents are often translated into multiple languages.

The consequences of creating an unclear or erroneous technical translation can be serious. At the very least, it could lead to a customer-service headache.

But, with more critical technologies, poorly translated documents could even cause injury or death. It is therefore essential to work with a reliable language partner that applies rigorous quality assurance, as is the case with Global Language Solution.

There are few areas of life where clear wording is more important than in the law.

Contracts, terms and conditions, legislative acts and court proceedings are just some of the document types that frequently require translation.

Nuances of language can seriously affect the meaning of such texts. It is therefore crucial that legal translators are knowledgeable and experienced in the terminology and phrasing used by lawyers. Global Language Solution has an extensive network of these exceptional linguists.

Case notes, research papers, drug-usage directions and journalism are just some of the medical document types that may require translation.

Naturally, it is essential to avoid errors and ambiguities in any of them.

Failure to do so could result in serious physical harm or even death.

So, it is crucial to work with a reliable translation partner.

You can trust Global Language Solution to put medical translation work in the hands of appropriately qualified and experienced individuals.

Engineering professionals use a great deal of specialist technical terminology.

Project documentation and other engineering-related materials can therefore represent quite a challenge for linguists.

Translators with sufficient knowledge to tackle this kind of work are few and far between.

Nevertheless, Global Language Solution has access to some extremely talented individuals who are more than capable of fulfilling that role.

We are therefore well positioned to assist clients with their translation requirements in in most engineering contexts.

The highly globalized nature of financial services makes it vital for players in the industry to establish a firm partnership with a translation provider.

Global Language Solution is proud to have financial institutions among its regular clients.

On a more general level, company financial documentation, including reports and submissions, also frequently require translation. This is particularly true for large multinational organizations with international shareholder bases.

Every year, we help a growing list of clients with this highly responsible type of translation work.

We are very proud that specialist scientific and technical translation services provided by Global Language Solution are helping to oil the cogs of research and development.

This highly exacting field of translation work requires a special kind of linguist – usually one with graduate qualifications in a relevant technical field.

So, it is not every translation agency that can provide people with the necessary skills.

The texts that we deal with include everything from peer-reviewed articles to patents.

We provide translation services for a number of clients connected with fossil fuels.

That encompasses the fields of exploration, oil and gas processing and the energy markets.

The types of text that are handled by our translators are extremely diverse, and include technical documentation as well as complex legal and financial projects.

These dynamic industries span disparate areas of the globe, including the Middle East and Russia.

For the relevant language pairings, our list of translators has strength in depth.

Translation projects associated with the arts and media often demand particular sensitivity to style.

A translator must be capable of appreciating the expressive aspects of a text, then finding a way to recreate the effect in another language.

We select our translators for this type of work with great care, taking into account their academic qualifications and interests.

Given the large volume of translation associated with many media applications, such as subtitling, it is important that your language partner can offer scalability.

With Global Language Solution, you can take that for granted.

The world of sports translation is extremely diverse.

Each sport or event has its own specialist terminology, and it can take a lifetime to acquire it. ‘Bluffing’ would be impossible for a translator, as true fans would see through them in an instant.

We are experts at differentiating between translators who genuinely know their sport, and translators who don’t.

As a useful value add, we are also well versed in the localization issues associated with sport.

Try talking about ‘soccer’ in Europe and you will understand how import that is!

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Words Translated

With more than 1 million words of translation under our belt, we are seasoned professionals with tried and tested processes. Most importantly, we value clear and timely communication with our customers. That is how we build trust and long-term cooperation. And when we commit to a deadline, we always deliver.


Quality Assurance

Thanks to our rigorous quality-assurance procedures, you can be confident that your project will be completed to the highest professional standards. We are an ISO certified organization, but the most important measure of quality is your willingness to give us more work or recommend us to others. A high percentage of our projects are referrals or repeat business.


Professional Translators

Our people are the key to our success. We have a reliable network of more than 1,000 translators from all over the world, who have been carefully vetted. We select our collaborators based on academic excellence, professional certification and, naturally, sample translations. Importantly, we insist that they translate only into their native language.


Client Support

We put client satisfaction before everything else. That means we provide added value whenever possible. You can expect free consultancy prior to your project, and, if you are not 100% satisfied with our work, free changes and corrections. Unlike many other translation providers, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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